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Mirco Builders' responsiveness to its clients' needs and the quality of the product it produces has allowed it to maintain its excellent reputation in the construction industry for over 45 years. Repeat customers are not uncommon for Mirco; some customers have even had the firm travel nationwide for them.

When estimating, Mirco invites at least 5 or 6 sub-contractors to bid each individual trade. Mirco then analyzes all such proposals to ensure that the lowest bid is complete and satisfies Mirco's high standard of quality.

At Mirco, job safety is a primary concern. Mirco requires all sub-contractors to submit safety and hazardous materials programs before commencing work. Mirco's superintendents continuously monitor sub-contractors' on-site activities for proper safety precautions and immediately notify the proper parties if safety concerns arise.

During the closeout portion of the project, Mirco will start to compile the project closeout data and as-builts in a timely fashion while at the same time making sure the project punch-list is addressed. Once an area of a particular project is inspected and approved for occupancy, Mirco will assist the owner in any way necessary to allow the owner to immediately use or occupy the space including, but not limited to, final cleaning.

Mirco firmly believes that efficient scheduling is a critical element of every project. At all times, Mirco attempts to push the project as rapidly as possible without sacrificing quality. At Mirco, time is of the essence but so is quality. Mirco knows that a schedule that sacrifices quality for speed more often than not results in an unsatisfied client.